Corporate Social Responsibility

The forerunners of the company believe in one dictum - to give back to the society from which it draws so much. The company aims to contribute to wards the social and economic development of the weaker sections of the society and the society at large in ways that are the best for the business.

Through a number of initiatives taken, the company aims to enhance, the value creation in the society.

  • The company undertakes projects to eradicate hunger and poverty from a selected region.
  • The company contributes amply towards the education programmes for the children hailing from weaker section of the society
  • The company promotes the ideas of gender equality and empowering of the women
  • From time to time the company organizes camps to educate people more on vocational skills wherein they can learn to earn a livelihood.
  • The company makes sure that the activities of the company do not disrupt the ecological balance and they maintain the environmental stability
  • Makes effort to provide adequate health and sanitation facilities to its own working staff